Waterfalls Near Chiang Mai

Waterfalls are popular with Thais to sit around and have a dip. There are often small groups of friendly young people having a picnic who often beckon you to join them. Good fun when they try to get you wet or jump into the rock pool.

You'll often climb up very smooth rock. The water flows over parts of these rocks. If you're not careful you slip and slide down part of the waterfall, a bit like on water park slides. The locals do this all day long for fun. You need robust clothes for this to keep your skin safe from rough edges.

On some points you do get quite close to the water flow for a refreshing shower.

Mon Tha Than Waterfall

High up on the Doi Suthep Mountain is this cool waterfall. It makes a lovely break to the journey up the mountain. Step into the cool water and soak up the freshness.

Entry and parking fees apply. There is space for camping and also more comfortable accommodation with bed and internet access.

Huay Keaw Waterfall

This waterfall is within walking distance from Chiang Mai Zoo. Just follow the road uphill and you'll reach the lower part of Huay Keaw. Form there you can take the narrow mountain path to left and climb up to the upper pools for another relaxing dip. About 500 meters onwards from the fall you get back onto the main road. Well worth it.

Early in the morning you're likely to have the place to yourself. The many butterflys seem to love waterfalls.

Mae Sa Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the most famous in Mae Rim district. The Mae Sa waterfall is divided into levels, rising in eight stages up the slope of the foothills.

It is in a beautiful place among gigantic towering trees that provide cool shade year-round. The fall is a favourite recreation spot for the people of Chiang Mai and visitors alike, a fantastic place to get wet.

Directions: It is about 26 kilometres north of Chiang Mai. Take the Mae Rim to Samoeng road, turn left directly at KM-7 and enter the area of the National Park.

Mae Ya Waterfall (Doi Inthanon)

Mae Ya Waterfall, or Nam Tok Mae Ya, is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Doi Inthanon National Park near Chiang Mai. The fresh water splashes down over 30 tiers of rocks and boulders into small clear pools. It is a beautiful, fanning cascade, dropping down an ever-widening series of steps. The water tumbles down a 100 m cliff in a series of spectacular leaps. National Park officials estimate that the Mae Ya River plunges more than 250 m at this point. The main waterfall is about 40 meters high.

Located amidst the shady and cool forest settings, the short trek to reach the waterfalls makes this a great place for families to visit.

Plenty of food and drink is available on site. At the bottom is a cool pool where children can swim and enjoy the pleasant picnic area. Mae Ya Waterfall is without a doubt, a photographic favourite for most visitors.

Directions: Mae Ya Waterfall is located 12 km from Chom Thong Village in the Doi Inthanon area. Turn left when you see the sign just after you get off the highway.

Mae Klang Waterfall (Doi Inthanon)

Mae Klang Waterfall located at the foot of Doi Inthanon 66 km south-west of Chiang Mai. The 30m high waterfall is quite impressive and well worth a visit.

It has a massive cascade and a beautiful natural setting, perfect for picnic and relaxation. Relax in the gentle flowing river near the waterfall. There are food, drink and souvenir stalls at the entrance and below the main falls.

Directions: To get to Mae Klang Waterfall take Highway 108 to Km 57 (just before Chom Thong village). Turn right onto Highway 1009 and continue 8 km to where the road forks. The waterfall is 300 m straight ahead. The admission fee for Doi Inthanon National Park includes entrance to Mae Klang Waterfall.

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