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Koh Samed Island

Four to five hours away by bus and ferry from Bangkok, this island south-east of Bangkok is quite popular among the Thais in the region, but it's not overcrowded. Only few foreign tourists have discovered Koh Samed, but as there is no airport and as there are hardly any tour-package resort hotels, mass foreign tourism has spared Ko Samed so far.

It is cheap to get there and basic bungalows can be found for very reasonable rates. The island has only a few inhabitants; there is no settlement of any significant size on Koh Samed.

There is one small asphalted road and a few other roads that are often unpassable with normal cars. One tiny post office, a few very small supermarkets, some restaurants and bars/pubs provide basic services to keep visitors on the island for some time.

The beaches are beautiful and the sea is usually clear, mild and warm. Koh Samed is no party-island but a relaxing and slow-going romantic place, where especially couples can spend an unforgettable time.

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Koh Samed Beach
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