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Pool Jobs

Pool Attendant

Pool attendants provide a safe, clean, and fun swimming environment for all, and maintain the daily operations of the pool. They are just as important as the lifeguards.

Employers are looking for hardworking friendly individuals to greet and check in members and guests as they enter the water sports centre.

What's in it for you?

Often you work in a spectacular pool environment for an organization with a team orientated culture and flexible working hours. A swimming pool or aquatic centre is a great place to grow your career in a fantastic place to work.

You will use and experience the pool or water park first hand, so you are familiar with all aspects of the fitness facilities, aqua sports, social and relaxation areas. Check out the exercise machines, indoor and outdoor pools, and participate in the exercise classes each week.

Essential Criteria

  • Current Senior First Aid Qualification.
  • Experience in a similar role.
  • Understanding of basic pool plant an advantage.
  • Must be well presented.
  • Must be able and willing to swim fully clothed.

Duties and Responsibilities

At the start of your shift

  • Arrive 20 minutes before the shift begins.
  • Change into your uniform.
  • Check to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly.
  • Check and maintain the colour, chemistry, and clarity of the pool.
  • Complete the opening, mid-day, and closing duties checklist.
  • Unlock the entrance to the pool, the pump room, and the toilets.

Throughout your shift

  • Exceed swimmer's expectations and maintain high service standards.
  • Maintain pool cleanliness and safety around the deck and pool.
  • Develop and maintain a friendly relationship with users of the pool.
  • Clean and maintain the pool deck, toilets and changing rooms.
  • Tidy things on deck and in pool.
  • Report anything unsual to pool manager.
  • Enforce all pool rules.
  • Assist swimmers when asked.
  • Always keep your uniform on even when you're asked to enter the pool.


Always wear your uniform to be recognisable by guests. You will swim in your uniform whenever someone wants you to sort out something in the pool, or when pool users require your assistance. These clothes are designed for that. Don't be shy to jump into the pool to help or assist. There are plenty of spare dry uniforms in the staff room, but people are unique and deserve your support.

Your Uniform

  • Short and/or long pants
  • Shirt, long sleeve and/or short sleeve
  • Jogging pants with sweatshirt or hoodie
  • Rainwear for outside tasks
  • Nylon overall for cleaning
  • Footwear

Regular swimming practice in all these uniform clothes prepares you for when will have to jump into the pool whenever the need arises.

Reader Stories

Pool Maintainance

by André, Belgium.

Working in the local public pool is always fun and interesting. My task is to keep the pool maintained, clean, and assist the swimmers. This means I have to get into the pool several times a day to sort things out.

There is no time to get changed into swimwear when I have to go into the pool, so I was told to always wear my uniform, a white polo shirt and long blue trousers. It looks the part, is very comfortable for the work I do in and around the pool. If I get cold I can change into one of the many spare uniforms in the staff room.

In the mornings I go into the pool to clean the scum line all along the pool edge. Often I have to fetch things out of the pool, hose down the poolside and changing rooms, or check the showers.

Sometimes swimmers dare me to step under the shower to check the temperature, which I have to do. It's my job to keep customers happy.

Others want me to go down the slide to make sure it is safe, often just after I changed into dry clothes. Kind people as they are, they just want to give me chance for a quick swim. That's always fun for everyone, me too.

Since I'm also a qualified lifeguard I usually get asked on busy days to go into the pool and keep wild teenagers under control, which I'm quite good at. They think it is totally rad that I'm in the water with my clothes on.

Our pool allows clean clothes in the water, so the stronger teens often swim in jeans and hoodies after school to get fit. They often ask for advice on safe survival swimming and want me to show them how it is done. I now run a weekly class on swimming in clothes.

Sports Rehab Centre

by Camilo from Lima, Peru

I`m a counselor in a Rehab Centre for people who had sports injuries. We have a farm with a pool. Sometimes I invent games around the pool. We usually end up in the pool fully clothed as nobody bothers to bring swimwear.

We go for a walk sometimes, the preferred place to go is the local creek. I try to get all the guys to wear jeans and hoodies for the walk. They always go into the creek to cool off. It is the best work I ever had.

Pool Cleaner

by Dolph from Portsmouth, England

I used to clean my boss' pool and his son pushed me in a few times. We are now best mates and he knows I like getting wet. He and I often swim fully clothed in the pool or sea. I also go sailing with him and we love getting wet on the boat.

My mate washes cars and loves getting wet doing that. He wears waterproofs in the winter but not in the summer. He wears light combats and bark blue company shirt which dry out quickly after he gets soaked washing the cars.

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