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Tubing means floating on a truck tyre tube down a river or a quiet lake.

A used truck tyre tube can be recycled for fun in the water. Pump it up, throw it in, jump on top, spash around and get soaking wet. If you like swimming in clothes this sport is for you.

WARNING: Be mindful of the tube valve on the inside as it has sharp edges. Since you wear clothes when tubing you will avoid any scratches.

Lake Tubing

The most relaxing form of tubing is to simply drift on a lake. You can sit or lay on the tube, capsize, climb on again, and get soaked again as much as you like.

lake tubing fully clothed
lake tubing fully clothed

lake tubing fully clothed

River Tubing

This is a nice group activity. Don't do this on your own for safety reasons. All you need is a truck tyre tube, a lifevest, robust footwear, and clothes that can get soaking wet.

Wade into the water, sit on the tyre and feel your bum get wet. Wiggle around to see how stable it is. Stand up and see if you can capsize it. Once your clothes are all wet, you're ready for the river adventure.

Descend the riverthrough beautiful forests, with stunning mountain views, surrounded by wildlife before running the fun natural water shoots and rapids. This is wet fun for all the family, loved by young and old alike.

Wild Water Tubing

Adventure river tubing is the ultimate white water river sport. Think of a combination of White Water Rafting and Canyoning and you’ll get a good idea of what this is like. Ideal for adventurous swimmers and adrenaline seeking groups. Exciting and even more fun than white water rafting, you are close to the action as you shoot through powerful gorges on specially designed river tubes.

Expert guides and all the best safety gear keep you safe as you hang onto the handles running the rapids, jumping into deep pools and shoot at high speed through the river sculpted rock features of the river.

Along with all the safety gear, thick wetsuits, wetsuit socks, shoes and especially designed paddle gloves, you’ll be warm even in the cooler months and able to fully enjoy this awesome river sport.


river tubing fully clothed
river tubing fully clothed
Clothing depends on the weather. Wear whatever you like as long as it protects you from the air valve on the inside of the tube.
river tubing fully clothed