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There are several forms of Rafting:

Raft Building

This problem-solving activity is great fun and can get very wet, depending on the quality of the raft design and the group skills at putting the raft together. However, there is always an abundance of fun and excitement when testing the limits of every raft design.

Raft Building is a great activity where everyone is encouraged to develop their communication and co-operative skills. It can be used to work on many aspects of team and personal development as well as being a challenge and great fun.

This water sport combines skill and team coordination to build a raft from wood and plastic containers. The rafts are constructed using barrels, planks, poles, rope and a lot of imagination along the way. It begins on land, then the raft goes into the water, and the team climbs onboard. This is the fun moment where it usually sinks or capsizes. Then the raft has to pulled ashore, repaired, and launched for another go.

For safety reasons everybody should be fully clothed to avoid cuts and bruises. The thrill is that you don't know when you have to go into the water or fall in. Getting in and out of the water many times, you have to be prepared, no time for swimwear.

raft building wet and fully clothed
raft building wet and fully clothed

Rafting Games

An exhausting fun team sport that builds strength and stamina. Two teams in a raft each try to capsize the raft of the other team. This involved throwing the other team out of their raft and tipping it over. For maximum training effect this games is played fully clothed which makes it harder to climb out of the water into a raft. This is a great sport for everyone who enjoys swimming in clothes as part of a group activity.

river hiking fully clothed
Swimming in clothes is part of this game.
river hiking fully clothed

Wildwater Rafting

Your adventure on the river begins with getting dressed in your rafting clothes, accessories and safety gear. Everything has to fit well and feel good. This is followed by a 15-20 minute training session in a clam aprt of the river. Your guide will also teach you how to swim in your rafting clothes, should fall overboard.

Once you're dressed in all the necessary gear, your rafting experience begins for real. Experienced guides onboard are more than able to handle any eventuality, thereby minimising risk and maximising fun and enjoyment. You will get splashed by lots of water, and can try your hand at tackling small rapids and waves.

This only begins your journey, and what follows will leave you breathless with wonder. From the sensational native flora and fauna that you will be immersed in throughout the experience, to several magical waterfalls you will encounter as you float your way along the river. For the entire journey, beauty and adventure waits around every corner.

The rapids you'll encounter as beginner are only gentle rolling rapids, with only minor rocks to avoid. This makes those river rapids great for the family, and perfect if you’re just looking to relax and take in nature as it was intended.

Over your half day rafting adventure, you navigate over roller coaster rapids, with a professional guide steering you in the right direction and ensuring your safety and comfort at all times.

If you need a bit of a jump start for your adrenal glands, there are opportunities for you to jump off at various locations along the cliff face. If that seems too intense for you, then simply bathe in the drop pond.


Included in the journey is an opportunity to shower under a waterfall. As the refreshingly cool water gently rushes over you, and the gorgeous surroundings give you a sense of calm serenity, you begin to realize that is is one of the best wet adventures. You’ll never forget this wonderful experience and neither will your rafting companions.

wildwater swim in clothes
waterfall wildwater swim fully clothed