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Beach Workout

The beach workout helps develop skills for life. It teaches healthy lifestyle habits through regular exercise, self motivation, focus and confidence. Through training you learn respect for yourself and for others, key components of a happy healthy lifestyle.

Sitting Silently

The morning starts with Seiza, sitting where the energy from the rising sun and the crashing surf washing over you and envigorate your body, mind and soul.

To sit seiza-style, you are kneeling on the sand, folding your legs underneath your thighs, while resting the buttocks on the heels. The ankles are turned outward as the tops of the feet are lowered, like in a slight "V" shape. The tops of the feet are flat on the floor and big toes sometimes are overlap. The buttocks are finally lowered all the way down.

Stay like this until the waves have fully soaked your training clothes. For this to happen you want to be in the water deep enough, but not so deep that waves push you over.

Training Session

Seiza is followed by a training session in the sand and water. The sand is great for strengthing your stances and working on your balance. The softness of the sand is also a perfect place to practice your ukemi.

Then you go into the water about knee deep to waist deep and practice your moves again. How deep you go in depends on how strong the waves are.

Afterwards go for a swim or splash around with your friends. Moving in the water with heavy wet clothes on builds strength more evenly than any other sport.

The purpose of Kangeiko is to challenge yourself to overcome obstacles (cold, fatigue etc). These obstacles are overcome by focusing on your training, meditative techniques and harnessing your Ki.

Traditionally Kangeiko involves a retreat and continous training conducted over a number of days at the coldest time of the year. However, you may want to choose a warmer season or location.

Sample Workout

  1. Early morning meditation.

  2. Water workout in lake or sea.

  3. Training session in the park to dry the clothes and enjoy the unique sounds of nature around you, this is a very special experience.

  4. Water workout in lake or sea.

  5. 4km bush walk circuit to dry the clothes. Stop to perform training exercises and meditate at locations high in Ki energy.

  6. Waterfall training (where available).

Beach Workout Clothes

You wear clothes for the beach workout to make it more fun and challenging. As you get stronger, add more layers.

These clothes must fit well, feel good, and allow full freedom of movement. Try them on in the bath or shower at home to make sure they feel good when wet, so you can fully enjoy your beach workout.

For safety reasons practice swimming in these clothes in a swimming pool before you go to the beach.

Clothing Options

T-shirt and shorts under your martial arts kit (Gi) are a good start. Wear a tracksuit if you don't have a Gi.

On cool or windy days add an anorak with rain pants to avoid wind chill.

Socks and shoes avoid chafing or stepping onto something nasty.

Ready for the Water

Dressed like this you're now ready to go into the water and get fit. Enjoy a fun and really challenging water workout.